Monday, June 2, 2008

Just Updating

Not much has been going on in the Skousen household. Summer is doing so well in St. George. Making lots of friends and is trying to find a job. She was layed off of the flower shop. She is really missing her car, its in Flagstaff getting worked on. Our good deal on the Jetta has become a not so great deal, but once its fixed it will be a great car for her.
Dave is sending my best friend, Sandi, and I to Flagstaff next week for a much needed girl time! I can't wait, I am so flippin excited! He got us into a really nice hotel and set us up with a spa treatment, including a massage, which I am so nervous about. I have always wanted one, but when it comes right down to it, I don't know if I can have someone touch me like that without it being Dave. So we will see if I can go through with it when we get there. I LOVE MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just started walking with Sandi, we walked about 20 miles last week!! I'm so proud of myself. I actually really enjoy it, my toes don't though. My big toe on my right foot rubbed against my shoes and got a blister under the nail. It was so sore, until I was able to pop it. (Sorry that was gross) It feels better but it is about to fall off. I guess thats what I get for having bad shoes. Dave got on and ordered me a pair of New Balance shoes. They should be here this week. I can't wait.
Hunter's baseball team has really done poorly for the last season and a half. They have only won one game up until last Friday. They were up against the number one team in the league. His coaches had two boys catch and pitch this game that have never played these positions in their lives! I was so worried, but they came out like they have been doing it for years! We ended up WINNING!! The score was 9-5. We are so proud of them.
Hunter and Skyler are going to a basketball camp at the school this Tuesday-Thursday. Skyler is now 1/2 inch taller than me! He is pretty proud of that accomplishment.
Clay is doing really well on his coach pitch baseball team. He got 2 homeruns last week!
Autumn is doing well also. She has been doing some babysitting for a friend of ours who has a 3 month old baby boy. He is so cute. Very easy to babysit, he hardly ever cries.
Dave is getting ready for a trip on June 16-21 to Missouri, it is for his job. He will be getting certified for dispatching. By having this certification he would be able to get a job anywhere, not that we are thinking of moving, it will just be a good thing to have. Then he is taking off on June 30-July 11 to Mexico to do a tour with Stan. They are taking a group of 37 people!!
Well I guess there is more going on then I thought. Hope it didn't bore any of you too much. Until next blog, enjoy the warm weather!!! I sure am.


Kristal and Jason said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU UPDATED!!! Ok, now that I'm done yelling at you...look at you go and walk 20 miles!!! You have officially put me to shame!! I am totally impressed and it motivates me to get off my keester and get moving.
Wendy, you are so funny about teh whole massage thing. You will totally love a massage and if you don't then you are majorly disturbed. ;) I'm glad Summer is doing well up here. She has been helpful to me too! :) Say hello to everybody and we love you!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Like I told you earlier Wendy, the message will be GREAT!! Don't be scared.
Way to go boys!! Way to make your aunt proud. I know who you take after....ME! haha. I am also proud of the exersizing! Way better than me that's for sure! Hey Autumn, you can babysit when my little man comes...what do you say?? haha

Jensen Family said...

Sounds like busy fun!! I wish I could go with you and Sandi! I need a massage, but I'm with you I don't like other people touching me!

DeAnne Baum said...

Hello, Wendy! It is Deanne Baum (Holden) I have been meaning to write you but am now just getting to it. I love reading about your family and fun times.

You will love the message! Enjoy it! What a nice husband you have. I would love to keep in touch.

ltandjbcox said...

Let me just say that you may misunderstand what kind of touching goes on in a massage.JK You can ask them to work mainly on your back, or your legs and feet or to do a total body massage. You get to set the limits up front if you are concerned. I, on the other hand, have been know to ask the masseuse, in addition to the full body massage,to tackle my gluts, which are huge, but also ache quite a bit. One other observation, sometimes the deep massages are a little uncomfortable and I have to breathe deep during them but my body is much more relaxed following one than when I get just a relaxation massage. Enjoy your break!!