Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor man 1 Thief 0

Being the poor girl that I am, I finally won out! The police caught the people that broke into my car and several others in my neighborhood. It was actually a girl, she tried to use my Bank of America credit card at the Splash-N-Dash in Show Low. The card got stuck in the ATM and while she tried to get it back and try to use the other cards the surveillance camera caught her!!! She is 41 years old and was with a younger guy. The police sent me a victims right packet and informed me that she was in the County jail. A week later she was released on a $1,500 bond. I hope she has learned her lesson, I don't know of any court dates.
On to other things, I do need some help from my Valley girls or others who know the Valley well. I am taking my 10 Beehive girls to the Temple on June 6. They wanted to go to the visitors center and walk around the grounds. After that they wanted to do something like the zoo or museum. The zoo is a little pricey, but I can't find anything that isn't real pricey that they would enjoy. If any of you have some fun ideas please let me know ASAP! Thanks!!!!
We are all doing well. Autumn is so anxious for graduation! She will also be graduating from Seminary in May. She turns 18 on May 2, I can't believe it. She is planning on attending NPC to become a Preschool aide or teacher.
Summer is still waiting on her teacher to get her certification for Phlebotomy. She is living in Las Vegas and is hoping to get on with the hospital there. They have a $1,500 sign on bonus and will pay $14 an hour to start. My sister Kandra will be moving there in May so I hope that Summer can hang around her and not be so homesick!!
Hunter and Clay are in little league and are doing well. Clay is in the Minors league which scares him a little because the boys pitch now. I think he will be a great player. His first game is tonight. Don't know where he will play yet. He is hoping pitcher. Hunters first game is tomorrow, I think he will be catching, pitching, and outfielder. They both have great coaches.
Skyler is just trying to make it through the 8th grade. He enjoys most of his classes. He is ready to be in high school, I think.
Can't believe that Summer vacation is around the corner, it will be a busy one, but fun family time. Until next post take care!