Sunday, February 26, 2012


   So I haven't been on the blog for quite sometime as you all may have noticed. So I will try to update in as little words as possible.  I went to Chicago and met Erin and her family. They are amazing:) Loved meeting them so much. Erin and Shawn competed in the marathon and did really well. Shawn had hurt her foot at the 6 mile, but being the trooper she is, continued on and finished.  So proud of both of them!!
   October brought a birthday for Summer! Can't believe she is 23 years old. Man, she is making me OLD! We also lost our home, long story, ended up moving into a house that once belonged to our very good friends, Stan and Pam. I have always loved this house and it has been fun living in it :)
    November we had Thanksgiving on our very own this year. It was really fun because we had bbq ribs, shrimp and chicken. What a fun meal. we had so much fun just talking around the table.
     December brought Skyler's scoliosis surgery. He has about 25 screws and rods down his back. His scar is 21 inches, there is a 7 in  scar just below his belly button and a 3 in on his side. He was such a trooper in the hospital, all the staff loved him! His back is still having some pain but all in all he's really doing well :) He gained an inch in height, but his feet are still growing! He is in a size 22 shoe, I think I better call Nike for donations!!!!
  On Christmas Eve, Summer called and let us know that she is pregnant again!! We are so excited, she is due around August 26.
   In January Dave and I got our callings in the new ward. Dave is the teacher for the 16-17 year old.  I was called to be the 2nd councilor in the primary.  I work with the neatest women!! Love the Woodland Lake Ward. They have been so supportive and welcoming to our family.
   February is bringing some life changing decisions to our family. We have decided to move to none other than Heber town!!! A lot of things have made this choice, the boys are sick to death of Blue Ridge and I have to admit so am I. We feel they will have more opportunities at Mogollon High School. Another huge reason is that I really feel  I need to be close to mom and dad. I want my kids to get to know dad and be helpers to mom.  I'm not writing my dad off, just feel it would be good to be near him while he is going through his cancer. This is a huge move for Dave, since he will still work an hour away. It will be an adjustment but well worth it.  We are very excited, so watch out Heber, the TALL family is moving in:) :)
   Hope I covered everything, I'm actually using Dave's work computer since mine decided to up and die :(  Have a great one my fellow bloggers! Love you all