Monday, January 25, 2010


Well we have recieved so much snow that the new Jr.High and Mid School flooded, the parking lot at the High School has so much snow that they can't get it all cleared. So that means the kids can't return to school till Wednesday and that's only 9-12 grades. They are hoping the new school will be open by Thursday, but the K-4 will be out for the week. I have enjoyed spending time with the kids, but I think we are ready to go back to normal life!!!!!!! The games sceduled for this week are still on, don't understand that? Can't complain, tho, its my last week of ticket taking until September.
Dave will work 6 of his 7 days off , good money, so can't complain on being so blessed with overtime!!!They are working round the clock with all of the crews they have. Pinetop got 6 ft of snow so they are having a lot of power trouble. We hear there is more snow on Wednesday and Thursday.
Everyone be safe out there and stay SANE!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010



It has been snowing for days!!! School was out Monday for Civil Rights Day and has been out ever since!! As one of my friends said, "This is why I don't homeschool"!!!!!! Dave has been working a lot of overtime so that will be good money for us:) Poor Hunter has been shoveling and has quit until it stops snowing. Can't blame the poor kid. We've been playing dominoes, apples to apples and baking. Hopefully they will have school Monday. The kids are ready too! Hope you all are staying dry and warm:)
The first picture is of my little HHR, doesn't it  look so cold????  I've threatened the kids not to play in the front yard, I love my yard  when there's no footprints in it. The second picture is of my neighboors fence, its about 6 1/2 feet high.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Relief Effort

Hi everyone!
My sister Kristal is putting together hygiene kits and blankets for the Haitian relief efforts. She is asking for donations or money to make 20 blankets and 200 hygiene kits. She wants to deliver them to the LDS Humanitarian Service Center by March 13. You can go to her site---
She has information on how to make the kits and the blankets. This is a great way for all of us to come together and help in a great way!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy birthday Dave!! Just think 2 more years and your an AARP member!!!! I love you tons, your my bestest friend and so much more!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day was great. Thank you for being such an amazing husband, dad, son, brother, uncle, and friend. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sky's surgery

What a day we had yesterday! Sky had to go down fasting which didn't make him happy at all!! We arrived at the clinic at 11:00 am and waited and waited and WAITED! He finally went in to be prepped at 1:30 and went in for surgery at 2:30. Then Dave and I waited and waited and WAITED till 5:00. Finally, Dr. Graff came out and told us that the initial hit to the eye actually did more damage than they first thought. Skyler now has an oil bubble, buckle, and fixed tears in his eye. The oil bubble will be in for 6-8 weeks. The dr. also said that the blow to his eye caused his lens to shift. So that will probably cause a cataract. When we finally got out of the clinic, we went to get something to eat and then went to Walgreens to get his prescriptions. By that time it was 8:00 pm, he had also developed a migraine besides having his eye hurting. So we decided to stay the night, and thought that would be better for Sky to not have to be cramped up in the little car. He didn't sleep well, but coming home he slept more.
Sky had a checkup with Dr. Blair in Show Low today, he had taken a Vicadine without eating, the nurse put a drop in his eye to check his eye pressure. Since he hadn't eaten he got really dizzy, he freaked out the nurse to say the least! They gave him some juice and granola bar. He was fine and Dr. Blair says everything looks great. He is optimistic that Skyler will be able to play next year with protective eyewear, of course.
He will be out of school till at least Tuesday or Wednesday, which really worries Sky because of missed assignments from his classes. I'm sure his teachers will understand.
Thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers, they were felt!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We just came back from Sky's eye appointment and found out his retina is detaching again and he has more tears in it. We have to go to Mesa tomorrow for emergency eye surgery. He can't finish the basketball season, which is such a bummer because he was going to play more:(
He is not very happy now, but to be apart of the team he is going to be their manager and hopefully will be able to at least workout in practice with them. It will only be low impact practicing but to be with the team is really important to him. He is such a trooper, we love him so much. Hopefully this little bump in the road will be a blessing in disguise! Don't know whats ahead for Sky, but he is taking it all in stride.