Monday, December 28, 2009

Grandma Burnham's 95th birthday

This first picture is of me and my Grandma Burnham. We went to Mesa Saturday, and had a birthday party for her.
The second picture is of my mom, her siblings and my Grandma Burnham. There are two sister's missing, Shirley died when she was a few days old and my Aunt Marion died sometime back. My grandma is a fire cracker, she is still active and lives on her own. I love her so much!!! We had a nice time visiting family and meeting new cousins.  I think my mom takes after her a lot, she is always doing things like sewing, community service or doing things for family. 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Wish I had some pictures to post but I have lost the disk that all of our family pictures were on and my little computer does not have away of downloading pictures either:( So just decided to post some happenings in our family.
Summer is doing well in Las Vegas. She is with her boyfriend that she met there in February. She did pass her Phlebotomy test in May and is still in the process of getting her Nevada license. She is anxious to start working. It's no fun not having any money! We worry about her being so far away but having Aunt Kandra 30 minutes away from her helps!
Autumn is loving not going to high school anymore, but is anxious to start some schooling in the near future at NPC. We just signed her up to take a 3 weekend course in preschooling. It is through the Yavapi college and will be held at the NPC here. She will miss 3 Sunday's, which bumms us, but know this will help her in the future. She is the young single adult rep for our ward, and is in the primary doing whatever they need her to do.
Skyler is just centimeters away from 6'6"!!! He really towers over me now and even his dad!!!! He has had some playtime on the basketball team. He is really learning to be aggresive.(It just isn't in his nature)! He is getting quite a few rebounds. He will have a lot easier school load this next semester, this last semester just about made him, and mom, go nuts!!!!
Hunter made the 7th grade basketball team! He is so excited, his best friend is the manager, and they can't wait for the first game. He is growing so fast now. I predict he will be towering over me in less than 2 years! He is such a ladies man, even though most of them come to him for boyfriend advice. He is doing well in school and is getting good grades.
Clay is enjoying 4th grade. His best friend Elysse is moving to PA on Christmas day, so he is kind of sad, but thinks he will survive! She was taller than him by 2 inches so now he will be back to being the tallest in his class. He makes friends so easily, and is popular in his class.
Dave and I have been so blessed to have such awesome children entrusted to us! We love them all so very much:)
Dave is going to take the big electrical test in January! Makes me nervous for him because it is such a dificult test. He is studying hard and trusts the Lord knows what's best for him. He loves going to work and really likes the people he works with. He will be going from a 4 on 4 off schedule to a 7 on 7 off next year! We are so excited, it will be a more steady schedule. It will be 7 days, 7 off, 7 nights, 7 off. We can plan for trips or activities better and have a consistant paycheck!
He keeps busy outside of work with bishopric, kids and lots of basketball games!
I'm keeping busy as a Domestic Goddess and love it!!! I really love this chapter in my life. I still have kids at home, but can leave for awhile if I need to. There are still challenges, especially with teenagers but I'm learning to trust my Heavenly Father that he won't give me anything I can't handle. I have been blessed with many wonderful friends and family that makes life so much easier!
I have 13 Beehives now and love everyone of them! They have so many personalities that make it very interesting. I also take tickets for the high school games which is fun and gives me alittle extra money.
Well guess I have rambled on too much now. We wish you the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year!