Thursday, February 19, 2009

Special Valentines Weekend

I have an amazing hubby! Last week we had to go pick up Autumn from my mom and dad's house in Heber because she had gone to a friends farewell in the valley and they were able to bring her home. Anyways, they were talking about the concert they were going to in St. George. Mom and dad had asked Summer if she would like to go too. My brother and 2 sisters were also going, so I was feeling abit left out, but not knowing, Dave had been talking to my mom to see if I could go. She called me late Wednesday and asked me if I wanted to go. I did but didn't want to leave Dave on Valentines weekend. He insisted that I go and spend sometime with Summer. I left with my parents, Kandra and her baby Gavin. We had a nice trip up. Summer had no idea that I was coming, and boy did I surprise the heck out of her!!!
We went to Marvin Goldstein's concert, how AMAZING! He is a pianist and can play thousands of songs by memory. He played different melodies of Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, and one other, he can transition into different songs and you can't even tell when one song ends and the other begins. I had so much fun and could have listened to him all night. He asked for requests of different songs, he wrote down about 15 and started playing them. He didn't have the sheet music for any of them, I have never seen such talent in my life. He has been performing for 50 years and is celebrating with a concert in Provo UT. on June 6, 2009. If any of you can go you will not be disappointed.
I was able to sleep over at Summer's apartment because they have a spare room. It was so fun to be there with her. She is doing really well in her Phlebotomy class. She loves it so much and is excited to get her career going.
We did have some shocking news about my dad last week also. He has Multiple Myeloma. It is a rare blood cancer that isn't really curable yet. His white cell count has been low for quite awhile now and the new doctor he just got ran some tests and had dad go in for a bone marrow biopsy. They believe they caught it early so they are hopeful that the procedures they do will give him more time. It will eventually take over his bones and his kidneys. He and mom go in next Monday to talk to the doctor about their treatment options. I love you dad and will be here anytime you need me!!!!
Also want to put a get well wish out for Kandra's father-in-law, Roger Owens, he had an accident recently and is in a back brace for awhile. We wish you all the best!
Hope everyone had a special Valentines Weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Young Womens Program

Just letting you know how New Beginnings went. I talked to one of my friends before the evening started and made arrangements for her to call and text me through out the evening. She did exactly that, I was getting so many dirty looks! Even Autumn, who was conducting, kept telling me to turn it off. My part wasn't until about the end of the program. I got up and started explaining what we do on Wednesday nights, when my friend called me. I got the phone out and pretended to talk to someone telling them that I was right in the middle of an important meeting. Everyone was like what the heck is she doing? After a few more rules, I brought the phone out again and explained how disrespectful it is to be texting during a lesson that the advisor had been trying to teach. I explained that I have a phone basket that has a suckers in it. If they give me the phone before the lesson starts they get the candy. It has been working out pretty well. I give them the phone back after class. Even the Stake President liked the idea when I told him about it!
After the program was over, the adults were quite impressed with how I presented my talk. So I guess it went really well. I stressed out for nothing!