Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I guess I've put writing off long enough! Besides having major computer issues and everyday life, I guess I haven't felt like posting. So not much has happened since I last posted. Summer turned 21, I can't believe she is that old/young! Guess that makes me old! She is doing well, trying to get her Phlebotomy license for Nevada.
Autumn is doing a little babysitting for my nephew James' son. She really loves to watch him, he is such a cutie!!!She is wanting to move somewhere, Utah or Phoenix but not sure about jobs, or places to stay. I don't blame her, there's not alot of things for young adults around here.
Skyler made the basketball team!! He was at practice 2 weeks ago, they were doing a drill called Hamburger. Its a no rules drill to help them with players that play dirty. He had the ball in the air and alot of hands trying to get to him, being 6'5" he is the tallest on the team, the boys could only reach up to his face. One of them accidentally hit him in the eye. When I picked him up he was complaining that he couldn't see. The next day was Veteran's Day and luckily Dr. Blair was working that day in Snowflake. He got Skyler in right away, after some tests he sent Sky to Show Low to see Dr. Graff who is an eye surgeon. He had Sky in emergency laser surgery! Sure didn't see that coming(no pun intended).There was more damage than we thought. His retina was torn in 3 places and blood had collected in his eye. He has healed really well. He wasn't able to practice for 2 weeks, so won't play in the first game at least, maybe two. I'm hoping he will be able to play Dec. 9 so he can play against Heber:)
Hunter is doing well also, he will have basketball tryouts in a couple of weeks. He is still quite the ladies man. He has a ton of "sisters" in his group of friends.
Clay is also doing well, loves his school teacher. She is pretty amazing!!
David is trying to get his big electric test passed, it is a pretty intensive test. There are 150 questions in 6 categories. They take 125 of those and he needs to pass with 96. He took the first try in October and got 84. So he didn't pass, but he is studying with one of his co-workers who just passed it. He is really smart and is helping Dave alot!!!
I am staying busy with the family duties:) I'm still with the Beehive group, I now have 13 giggly girls that keep me young and updated on all the latest news in the entertainment and fashion industry!! Gotta love 'um.
Well better go, I think I have taken the whole page and your probably wondering when this will ever end. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Especially to all of my family, I love you all so much!!!!!!!!