Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is well worth linking on to! The group is THREE2U, they are such an amazing trio! They do a great job in singing this and the video is so appropriate for this Independence Day!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hunter and Clay both made the All Star teams:) We are so excited for them, they are having really long practices, but have the best coaches! Hunter is on the Juniors team and Clay is on the 10-11 yr. olds. They are learning more about their positions, batting and playing as a team. Good luck to the Blue Ridge All Stars!!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011


What a wonderful day we had yesterday in Las Vegas! I surely don't recommend doing a wedding in a month, but what my mom, Kristal, Kandra, myself, and Debbe, (Tariks mom) did, I think it turned out amazing!!! A huge thank you to my sister, Kristal, for making the wedding invitations. They looked great and for Kristal being so sick I truly appreciate her for that! Thursday night, my sister-in-law, Shannon, put on a bridal shower at The Cheese Cake Factory. Tarik's mom his sister, Michelle, mom, me,  Summer, Kandra, Shannon and her girls, and Jessica ( Summers new friend from her ward) came. We really had a great time, embarrassed Summer and had good food.
Friday, I wanted Summer to be able to have some professional photos done, so we went to the Galleria Mall and went to Picture People. I think they did a great job on the pictures and we were able to take the photos and cd when we left the session!!!! Kandra went over really early with her boys to do Summers hair and make-up, I think she did an amazing job!!!!
The ceremony was so good, the bishop said so many neat things to them and I hope they heard all of it:) The bishop actually made a copy of it so they can read it anytime they want to! We had about 50 people come, including my Uncle Paul, Aunt Lee, Royce, Rhonda, Garth and Bonnie. I was so appreciative that they would come and support Summer and Tarik. That meant the world to her, also her Mia Maid advisor Tammy Borrego came from Lakeside with her daughter and friend. Tammy has been a big part of her life so it was extra special that she was able to be there. .
Summer had a few members from her ward come and Tarik had many of his family members and friends come. It meant so much to them that so many people care for them.
Another special guest was my birth mom, Shawn and her husband Bill. I haven't met Bill till yesterday and what a great guy! He and Dave hit it off right away. We were able to have breakfast with them this morning before we had to leave. That was a lot of fun!
Dave's family was not able to come, and they were so missed. Hopefully Summer and Tarik can come down to Az so that we can have a party for them :)
More photos to follow, I haven't loaded them in yet, laundry and house cleaning are getting in the way of that unfortunately :(