Saturday, October 16, 2010


Summer's fun picture in Tucson
I can't believe Summer is 22 today! I'm officially OLD, but at least i still think I'm young:) I wish you lived closer to us so we could celebrate, but we will get to Las Vegas as soon as we can! We love you girl:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well I've known about my new calling for 2 weeks now but since General Conference I couldn't say anything. I have been very humbled, overwhelmed, flabbergasted, shocked, and terrified over these last 2 weeks. What? You want to know what it is?? ( Drum Roll) PRIMARY PRESIDENT!!!! What the heck were they thinking? Actually the week before GC  as I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting and they were releasing the presiding primary president to put her in as Stake YW President, the thought came to me--This is why.
I knew immediately that I was going to be the next president. I was put in as the Sunbeam teacher to get used to primary again. What a rotten trick!! Seriously though, I am very excited for this extreme challenge:) I have the most awesome councilors and secretary that I will depend on immensely, so I hope they are also up to the challenge. My first councilor is Sandi Brimhall, second is Amber Novak and my secretary is Stephanie Platt. I was truly inspired to have these amazing women. Sandi was actually the one I really tried to replace, she had just gotten released as primary president not more that a year ago!! I am so glad that she did accept the call though:)   I have never had such spiritual experiences in my life as I have had these last 2 weeks. I do love the children that will be in trusted in my care, and will miss teaching the Sunbeams, but I still get to see them every Sunday:) However, I am being put in 3 weeks before the primary program. UGH!!! At least the last president wrote and distributed all the parts to the program. All I have to do is direct it, which by the way, I have no idea how to. So we will be winging it big time!
As some of you know, our daughter Summer has been living in Las Vegas with her boyfriend now for about 20 months. Well she just informed us that we will be grandparents around the month of May! We have very mixed emotions right now, but our number one priority is the health  of the baby and Summer. We are excited to have this special miracle come into our lives, but also know that it will be a struggle for Summer and Tarik. We love our daughter and will be there to support her every step of the way:) She is feeling pretty good so far, so hopefully she got my genes for not getting sick till the last month! It is pretty weird thinking of ourselves as grandparents but what a neat new chapter we are beginning:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well I finally got one of our pictures to fit on the blog!! 'Course now it is outdated because Lance and Shannon just had their 5 child and 2nd boy!!! They had a scare and raced Shannon to have an emergency c-section. The baby was born healthy and is 7' 9 oz. and 21" long!!! His name is Porter Dallin Greer and he sure looks like a Greer so far:) Congratulations Lance, Shannon, and family! Can't wait to see him in November!!