Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well I got an e-mail yesterday from Summer, telling my blog hasn't been updated in awhile. So here I am with really nothing new. I'll try to think of some happenings. I am doing a few games still, I forgot about playoffs! I really like doing these because I get double pay:)
Autumn is one weekend away from completing her 3 weekend child development class. She has enjoyed it and will be getting cpr and first aid certified. So hopefully that will enable her to get a daycare job easier!!!
Sky's eye is doing really well, the doctors are very happy with how he is healing. He will be able to get the oil bubble out in March. We can't wait, he will be able to see alittle better without it in. He might have to get contacts, but he can live with that.
Hunter is on the 7th grade basketball team, and is loving it! The team is doing pretty good and he is playing quite a lot!   He is such an athelete, besides being a ladies man! He is so funny, he likes to show off his "guns"! He is such a good kid and always keeps us on our toes.
Clay was accepted into Horizon's, which is an advanced class for 4th grade. He is really being challenged in it, his regular work isn't so challenging so this is really good for him. He is enjoying school and can't wait to be in 5th grade to play basketball.
Dave is now on the 7/7 shifts. He is really enjoying it, he has more time now to spend with us!!! Also he can focus more on his bishopric stuff :)
We are still trying to shovel all the snow off the driveway, more snow to come I hear:(  We will see Lance, Shannon and the kids this weekend. Should be lots of fun!!!!!!
Hope all my blogging friends are doing well :) See ya in the next blog.

P.S. Hope you're happy now, BOO BOO!!!!