Tuesday, April 19, 2011


To all of my blogging friends and family, Autumn is in charge of her Young Single Adult (18-30 year olds) Family Home Evenings for April 25 and May 2. She needs some ideas, it seems that they always play some type of ball games and she is tired of those!!! If you have any suggestions we would greatly appreciate it :)
Not much to report on in our family. Autumn has been staying in the Valley helping a friend who just had a baby. She was able to be in the delivery room with her and was with her the whole 27 hrs of labor! It was a neat experience for her.
Summer is so anxious to have Eric!! We are going to Las Vegas on May 29 and her doctor is going to induce her the next day, which is my mom's birthday!!! It is also the 1 year anniversary that I found my Birth Mom, Shawn!!!! We are so excited to meet this special baby boy:)
Skyler is still active in the Police Explorers program and goes to that every Monday night. He will be umpiring the Blue Ridge Little League games also.
Hunter and Clay both got on fantastic baseball teams with the most awesome coaches!!!!! Hunter is with Coach Hall and Clay is with Coach Chavez and Coach Burgess. We are so excited for this seasons games! Hunter will also umpire some of the games for the Little League.
Dave and I are just running around with the kids. We had an amazing Stake Conference this past Sunday with Elder Nielson.The boys really liked him, he told a lot of football stories of when he played for BYU and the Houston Oilers. What an amazing man!!
Hope all is well with you all and look forward to many suggestions for Autumn :)