Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summertime news

Well as you can see we have been busy, so I haven't blogged for awhile. Hunter made the 11-12 yr. old all stars!!! He played outfield and pitcher. The boys were awesome, we played in Taylor this year which was really nice. We ended up getting 2nd in Division. We beat out all of the White Mountain teams!! The team that beat us to win the championship was from Flagstaff. They were more like men-children than 12 year olds. They were huge compared to us. I am so proud of our boys, they always showed great sportsmanship!!!
Clay tried out for the 9-10 year old all stars but didn't make it. He needs one more year of fundamentals. He'll try out next year.
Skyler is hanging out with his friends, can't wait to be a freshman.
Autumn is visiting my sister, Kandra, in Las Vegas this week and will go stay with my brother, Lance and his family next week.
Summer is going to start looking for a job at the hospital in Vegas. She is doing well.
Dave is finishing up a 12hr/15 day straight stint. It will be great overtime (89 1/2hrs) but it sure is getting old fast. He is pretty busy with bishopric things too.
I'm just trying to stay sane in my old age. Hope your summer is going well!