Friday, January 22, 2010



It has been snowing for days!!! School was out Monday for Civil Rights Day and has been out ever since!! As one of my friends said, "This is why I don't homeschool"!!!!!! Dave has been working a lot of overtime so that will be good money for us:) Poor Hunter has been shoveling and has quit until it stops snowing. Can't blame the poor kid. We've been playing dominoes, apples to apples and baking. Hopefully they will have school Monday. The kids are ready too! Hope you all are staying dry and warm:)
The first picture is of my little HHR, doesn't it  look so cold????  I've threatened the kids not to play in the front yard, I love my yard  when there's no footprints in it. The second picture is of my neighboors fence, its about 6 1/2 feet high.


bdrain said...

Preston would have loved to have a week off of school. There were rumors yesterday that school would be cancelled but no go. We wanted to come up skiing but everything is closed. Stay warm!

imbritney said...

wow! I do not like snow... but, think of the huge snow-people you could make!!! :) Hang in there until it melts!

The Waite Family said...

Hey! Thank you for your comments. You are so sweet! I miss you guys very much. Infact I miss that entire ward. I will never how welcome you made us feel when we moved there! I hope to see you guys around though!!!

Kristal said...

I'm so glad we didn't get that up here! Good for overtime though! I think it is hilarious that you won't let the kids play in the front yard! What kind of mean mom are you!?!?! ;)

Dawna Greer said...

Great pictures. A TON of snow!! Poor deprived kids not to be allowed to play in the snow!jk
I remember when Lance was about 14and it had snowed a bunch here. He looked out the window and said that it was too pretty to mess up. I thought, "Wow, he's growing up!" Of course he still loves to play in the snow. . . Glad for you the kids have gone back to school :)

John and Lucretia said...

I love the pictures. That is alot of snow. I don't know if our kids have ever really played in snow like that. Put that on my list of things to do with them.