Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well I was going to post everything about this past weekend, but Shawn beat me to it. I told her I was going to direct everyone to her blog, and she said that would be okay. Everything she posted about, I was going to post the same thing! So go to and you will see all the exciting adventures Shawn, Amber and my family had this past weekend. Shawn did go to her bff house on Sunday, I was so glad she was able to go to the bbq. Friendships are so important!!


Shawn Becker said...

Wendy, I love you. If you want to continue the blog on your end and add any pictures that will be great!

bdrain said...

It looks like you had a great weekend and all went well. I'm so glad for you and your family. Now you are so lucky to have two mothers who love you!

Jensen Family said...

Wendy that is so made me cry! Your new family sounds so great! I am so happy for you and your family! Thorton is about 15-20 minutes from my funny!

Becky and the Boys said...

It must be a dream come true for everyone involved. I'm so happy for you all!

cturley said...

Wow!! Wendy that was great to read her blog!! I'm glad you all got to meet up!

Diana said...

Hi, Wendy! I'm hoping you remember who I am. The last time I was in the same room with you was probably when I was babysitting Summer while you were expecting Autumn! :D I just had to tell you how much your story has touched me! I thought about you all morning after reading your blog and your birth mom's blog. What an amazing adventure. :)

I have to ask about the other Skousens I babysat for. I'm having a hard time coming up with names except for Michael. Chatting with him about Spina Bifida and hospital stays is one of those things I have looked back on as preparation for having my daughter. That and his penchant for James Bond movies. :D If you have a moment in your busy life, would you drop me a line and update me on their family? Pretty please? :D My email is: diana(at)sagersweb(dot)com

Your girls are gorgeous! Your boys are handsome! Some of the things I read about break my heart, but will be strengthening experiences for sure! I have seen you around facebook but didn't ask to add because I didn't know if you remembered me or not. ;) I think my Mom added you. :D

Thanks for brightening my day today!
Diana Lee Sagers