Friday, September 3, 2010


Friday is finally here, and we are heading to the Valley to meet Shawn and Amber! I can't believe it's here. I am having butterflies, my heart is racing and beating so fast right now. I know this is going to be a forever friendship and love for my new family. I am so grateful for this chance to get to know them:) This has really been a dream come true. I don't have to look at every blond woman in the malls anymore! I will finally be face to face with my birth mom. No more wondering who I look like, I am so glad of this! I will be posting when I get back. Love you all:)


{bryanna} said...

I'm soooo excited for you! I can barely stand it! I know this feeling of meeting family, in fact it was ONE YEAR ago this MONTH for me too!! How cool is that!! I can't wait to see pictures!
Love ya!
Love your new blog look,
I moved my blog to so I hope you don't mind updating! ;) talk to ya soon!

Jensen Family said...

Good will be awesome! Yes post pictures when you get back!