Saturday, August 28, 2010


As of this writing, there is 6 days and 15 hours left till I meet Shawn and Amber!! I can't tell you how slow this week has gone by. Now just one more week to go, I sure hope it goes by faster. I do have things that will keep me busy, 2  game  nights to do tickets for and Clay gets his Arrow of Light at Pack Meeting on Tuesday. Hunter has a home football game on Thursday and we meet Kandra that night to pick Summer up too. I do think this week is going to fly by now that I've mentioned everything I have to do.
I'm so proud of myself, I actually scrap booked my wedding pictures! I had them in a really nice album but after 22+ years, it fell apart. So I called my awesome, talented, amazing, always there for me, crafty friend, Sandi to help me out. It literally took all day yesterday to complete it, but it looks great! Hugo thanks to you, Sandi :) It will be so neat to show the book to Shawn and Amber.
I'm still having a hard time thinking of something really special to give them, but I know just seeing them and actually touching them, will be a huge gift to both of us:)
In other news, Skyler is finally free of the intense pain he has been suffering with since May 19!!! His eye is not quite so red, he still wears his sunglasses, but we will do that over heavy drugs any day!!  
Until next time bloggers........


Grandma Turtle said...

You are certainly in the thick of important things. :)

shawn said...

I can not believe the time is almost here. I went to the dentist today and was telling the staff about you and they are so excited for us. I have to have an old filling fixed when I get back and they made me promise I would bring pictures!
I do not want you to bring something for us...just a great big hug.

Kristal said...

I am so glad Skyler is out of that horrible pain!!:) Makes my heart happy. I'm glad you got those pictures scrapbooked. Man, Sandi brings out the crafty in you. Thanks Sandi!