Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My darn finger got in the way but Clay still looks calm, cool and collected

This is most of his class minus 1 student. They did a terrific job:)
Clay had his 5th grade play yesterday, it was called "Joust!" He was so nervous to do it because he had the part of narrator. He has a really hard time memorizing things and this was a big part for him. They have been practicing for quite awhile and I must say they all did a great job!! Clay knew all of his lines and spoke loudly and clearly. The pictures are from my cell phone, so they aren't the best. I cut his hair the night before and he wasn't happy with it being so short. I think he looks great:)


Shawn Becker said...

I think Clay looks darling and wish I had been there to cheer him on.
Daylee will be in a play at the Arvada Center next Tuesday. She loves to act and write plays. I think she has the lead part ( or maybe that is what she thinks!), I will let you know! She has not shared very much because she wants it to be a surprise!

Kristal said...

What an important part! Glad he got all his lines memorized. That was always the hardest thing for me.

Dawna Greer said...

Way to go Clay! I'm so proud of you for memorizing the part of the narrator--what a hard job! That's so awesome! Your hair looks very clean cut and nice.
Wendy, those are good pictures--very clear. Aren't cell phones nice?