Sunday, November 28, 2010


Out my front window
I love the snow, just not the cold!!! It is so pretty right now. We left for church with clear roads and lots of wind. After church it was a blowing blizzard, I couldn't hardly see the road because of the fog. I did make it safely and now am watching it come down and blanket my yard!!! Kids are hoping for a snow day, don't think it will happen though.


{bryanna} said...

to funny! i have blue skys! lol.. No snow in pinedale! lol.. enjoy!! hehehe
Love you

Shawn Becker said...

Brrrrrrrrrr! The picture is beautiful and so serene if only we could have snow but the temp remained in the 70's! We are supposed to get snow tonight. When we left for church it felt warm but that did not last long and by the time we got home it was cloudy, windy and the temp had dropped.

Love you,

Novak Nonsense said...

ur quick to post! Hey check your husbands email, didn't have yours but wanted to send something your way.

Grandma Turtle said...

I LOVE all that open space out your window!Fields. Lack of neighboring houses. I miss Lakeside still. Farm Girls shouldn't have to live in big cities. :[ What area do you and Dave live in? Are you up by his Folks? Does Becky live by you, too? I'm jealous.

Shawn Becker said...

Love your blog background LOL, boy we do think alike!!! I could not get a color to look right in the posting area so I removed it to just show the background, your greenish color looks great!
BTW what am I doing on the computer when I have so much work to do..I did clip the cat's nails and am cleaning the desk now.

Love ya,

Diana said...

Gorgeous! *sigh* It's all ugly and barren here... I wish it would snow again and cover it all up! :D