Monday, November 1, 2010


Autumn and Emmi ( best friends)
Pirate and Red Riding Hood

Clay as Jason from Friday the 13th
Hunter -- The Gangster that got in a brawl
The kids had a really fun time Saturday. Its kind of sad that they are all growing up and going with friends instead of us driving them around. Skyler didn't dress up, he had to go with the Police Explorers to help with the community Trunk or Treat.  It was a just Clay left with us so we took him to the trunk or treat and then he came home and went to a few homes around our neighborhood.
In other news, the Primary Program was AMAZING!!!!! I don't know if there was a dry eye in the congregation. The children sang their hearts out and did their speaking parts! I had a few children that didn't show up but it still ended on time. Bishop Lindsey spoke at the end and it could not have been more perfect! He restated some of the childrens parts and reread a song that we sang.  It was such a spiritual high for me :) For doing such a fantastic job, we made rice crispy treats for them and watched a movie! Needless to say they were so excited !
I love these precious children, they have such a special spirit about them. I'm so honored to be their Primary President!!!!


Shawn Becker said...

The kids look great! Autumn and her friend really did a good job, did they go to a party? Hunter, the Gangsta..that looks like he got into a big fight the makeup looks fantastic. Tell Clay what ever he was, he looked good too!

Love You So Much!

Skousen Seven said...

Thanks Shawn!! Dave did the make-up on Hunter. I thought it was cool:) Autumn and Emmi went out with a bunch of friends. They went trick or treating, went to the fire stations haunted house (which they refused to go into), and then ended it by going to Dennys for a late dinner.
Love you too!!!!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Hey Wendy, if you are sad that you can't take kids around anymore then you can take Gavin next WORE ME OUT!!
I am so glad that the Primary Program went well! What a relief. Those kids are lucky to have YOU as the president!

Aunt Tiff said... do not need to apologize for intruding on my blog!! I truly appreciate your comments!!! Your Halloween looks like it was a blast!

Your parents and family are in our prayers as well! We sure do love the Greers!!

Kristal said...

Oh my goodness, Hunter looks like he really did get in a fight. I'm glad the program went well for you. I bet it's nice that it's behind you though. Love ya!