Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, school has once again started. Skyler is a freshman and is really liking it. He has made alot of Senior friends, lots of "girlfriends", and is doing well in his studies. He's anxiously waiting for open gym to start so he can start playing basketball. Hopefully they won't pass him up this year! He also just made it to Star ranking in Boy Scouts!!!!

Hunter is finally in the 7th grade. He has waited a very long time to be able to play football. His team has a record of one tie to St.Johns and one loss to Snowflake. He is working hard at practice and likes his coaches. They are alot different than the ones Skyler had!!! They are very encouraging and build the boys up. He has also started the process to the world of braces. He has an expander in the roof of his mouth, which will be there until December, then the braces. Not too much fun on that end.

Clay is in the 4th grade this year. We actually switched teacher's because the one he had Skyler had and I wasn't impressed with his teaching skills. The one he has now is Hunter's 4th grade teacher. She is so amazing. I love how she teaches the kids to be creative and to take on more responsibility for their work.

Autumn is trying to get into the work force!1 She was pretty burnt out on schooling so she is trying to get a job at a daycare center. She's also trying to get into a program that Summer is in through DES job services, they can help her financially. She will enroll in the January session for NPC.

I have renewed my volunteer paperwork so that I can help out at the Elementary School. They are desperate for lunch help. The teachers are doing it right now because of all the budget cuts, so they don't get a lunch. Then I will also help out a teacher in the 2nd grade. I'll do it about 2-3 times a week. I'm also taking tickets again. Not alot of money, but I really enjoy it! Dave is doing the chains for the JV football games when he is off work.
Hope everyone's school year is off to a good start!!


Dawna Greer said...

Its great to see Skyler getting over some of his shyness and branching out into the world of girls. Maybe Hunter can give him a few tips in that area! Glad they're all doing well in school. Good luck to Autumn with her school and job search.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Good luck! Hopefully they all have a great year. It will be quiet again for you! Except it looks like you will keep yourself busy! Sorry we didn't get to see you this past weekend.

Rebecca said...

what a nice lady to volunteer at the school.