Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm trying to figure out how to put the updates on my friends and family list so that I don't have to keep going through the whole list to see new posts. Any step by step directions would be most appreciated!!!!!


aprilhoyt said...

haha...I am with you! I always sneak over to my sister's blog who has the update thing, but she doesn't have the same list as me!...I don't know how to do it..sorry!!

Michelle said...

Hey Wendy! This is what i have on my blog and it works great! This is how i came to your blog, because you were the last to post.
You'll have to re-enter the websites, write 'em down somewhere or just make your window small to see down on the address bar. It'll take some time, but worth it.
~Go to your layout and click on "Add a Gadget."
~Scroll down the list and click on "Blog List."
~You'll see the boxes to check for what you want!!


Heather said...

ok you ready?

Go to your dashboard - select layout (if you don’t know how to get to your dashboard, you can try this - after you login, select to add a new post and at that point, your view will have tabs up at the top, including layout – select it.) Go to the "My Blog List" box and select edit. a pop up box should pop up. This lists all the people you have on your list. There is a check box list at the top/middle of this pop up. If you want to know the last time someone updated, select the last box –date of last update. You can also show the first snippet of their most recent post, etc. Select whatever you want and make sure you save the changes.

Let me know if you run into problems!

Summer said...
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