Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Surgery Tomorrow, BUMMER

I was just informed today that my surgery had to be postponed because of the bad weather in Flagstaff. The doctor can't make it to Show Low so I did reschedule for December 30. I will have to go to Flagstaff again. Hopefully the weather will be good for me to travel in. I will update later!


AuBreY LyNn said...

Good luck with the surgery!!! Sheesh! I had no idea! I have been anti blogger for a while since i have been so busy! But wow, good luck! Keeping you in my prayers! Love you sister Skousen!!!

reyn and heidi said...

That darn snow haha. I hope all goes well with the surgery and that you get the same results as the first time. Thanks for checking my blog. haha, sometimes i feel like nobody reads it. and that i am wasting my time and energy trying to post. but i am glad to know you look into it. :) sorry i haven't been a very good comment leaver. haha. i am terrible at that. oh so i took your quiz which twilight woman are you. and i am Esme too :)
Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You guys have fun and take care.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Can't wait to see y'all in a few days!!

Rebecca said...

It's always frustrating to have something figured out, only for the weather to screw it up. I'll cross my fingers that it will all work out.