Sunday, December 14, 2008


I will be having cataract surgery on my left eye this coming Thursday. I am so excited to see if it will do the same thing the right eye did! It is so amazing to me to be able to see the clock from my bed or to see tv ads without glasses. I have really taken for granted my sight I guess.
Some bumming news for our Skyler. He tried out for the 8th grade basketball team this past week. He had gone to all of the open gyms they had and really worked hard. He got passed the first cuts and then got cut on the last one. I am really disappointed in the selection process. I know he is still trying to grow into his 6 foot 2 inch body and is still a little awkward but the boy is going to be at least 6 7" when he's through growing. He just needed the chance to be on the team to learn. He didn't need to be the starting player, he just wanted a chance. I had talked to one of the coaches last year when he didn't make it and he told me that if he made every open gym and tryout he would be on the team this year. I guess its who you are, which is really sad, especially for the kids like Skyler. He has been a real trooper about it, so I give him big kudos for that.
We finally got our Christmas tree up! The kids were a little miffed at me for not having it up on Thanksgiving day. Dave put some lights up outside so we that we won't be exiled by our neighborhood!
Hope your week goes well.


bdrain said...

I hope you have a successful surgery this week. I have a disease in my corneas that can only be corrected with transplants but my eyes are bad enough to qualify for the transplants. Really frustrating! Sorry to hear about Skyler, it is so hard when your kids work hard for something and don't make it. Jason worked really hard to make the golf team only to be the last one cut and the kid who beat him cheated and the coach knew it. Life is hard but especially hard when you are just a kid.

Jennifer said...

I hope all goes well with your eye surgery. I wish I would have known you were a twilight fan, we could have had a girl date to go and see that again!! As it is I won't get anywhere until we get moved into our new house, which we hope will be before Christmas if the weather doesn't keep people from doing their jobs! So frustrating. Sorry to hear about Skyler, Hopefully High School coaches will see what they could have!

Bloggin It said...

That's a bummer about Skyler!! I tell ya, most coaches have their faves and don't even pretend to consider everyone. NOT looking forward to dealing with those issues when my boys get bigger. Good luck with the surgery and hope you have a great Holiday!!!