Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There really hasn't been a lot going on in our family. So I will try to catch you all up on the past month.
Hunter began having really bad headaches about 2 weeks ago. They started after he had fallen off the bunk bed, I didn't think he hit that hard because they don't have a floor, they have clothes piled about 2 feet deep. So how could he get a concussion? Well he did, Dave took him to the doctor and they did a CT Scan. A few hours later the doctor called and said that there was a spot on his frontal lobe and they wanted to him to get an MRI stat! Dave rushed him to the lab and they did the MRI but it didn't show anything.. What a relief!!!!!!! He is still having headaches but I think they are subsiding.
I have had the dang coughing junk but it hasn't been the gross stuff. So I can live with that. The kids are pretty healthy, Clay does have the stomach bug today.
Dave and I went to the Valley February 5 so that he could take a huge test for work.This is the test that he has tried to pass several times. However he took a different one that in the long run will be better. He PASSED it!!!! He is now a Certified Transmission Operator!! He studied so hard with his friend Jimmy, and as a present for passing, Jimmy and his wife, Linda, took us to the Out Back Steakhouse. YUMMY:)  He and Jimmy are now certified and they will be going to different trainings throughout the year. His other co-workers haven't passed theirs yet. Hopefully a raise will be coming too?!?!?!
Summer is getting bigger with her pregnancy, I never showed until the 7th month, but she has been showing for about 2 months now. She is due June 3, we can't wait.The ultra-sounds show he is growing and doing really well. The doctor can't find one of his kidneys, which is scary, but  I have a friend who was born with only one, and he went on to try out for a professional football team. He didn't make it because they couldn't insure him. But he has led a full active life, and  this little guy will too:)
Hope you have a great day!!!!


Shawn Becker said...

I love the background and it was so fun reading about the family! Give dave a big HUG for me..I am so proud of him and I know how hard he studied!
I hope Hunter feels better soon.

Love you,

Dawna Greer said...

We're really proud of our # 1 son-in-law! He's totally awesome! His new church calling as first counselor will be a great opportunity for new growth as well. And sometimes we don't get compensated for what we're really worth--especially so in Dave's case.

Glad Hunter is feeling better and you as well. Look forward to seeing you Tuesday.