Wednesday, May 5, 2010


First off I wanted to wish my "Season Daughter," Autumn a very happy belated 19th birthday!!! Her birthday was May 2, I can't believe its been 19 years ago that I gave birth to a 9lb baby girl. She was so cute (and still is)!!
Not much going on in the Skousen household, baseball season started!?!? Clay is in his last year of Minors and Hunter is in his first year of Juniors. They are both doing really well. Clay hit the ball clear to the fence last night! Hunter's team has lost both games, but they are really trying to work as a team, which I think is more important anyways.  He is also umpiring between games.
Skyler was going to go out for the Seniors league, but his retina is detaching for the third time, UGH!!!!
Dr. Graff suggested we see another doctor at Barnett/ Delany. He is nationally recognized. So we did and I was not impressed at all! He told us that we could take out the bubble and leave it alone ( he can't see without it in), or have another surgery and use 2 different bubbles. I asked what he would do and couldn't get an answer. His assistant came in and started talking about another case! I was not happy with him, I was so confused on what to do. So I decided that we will go see Dr. Graff  on May 12 and see what he says. I went ahead and scheduled surgery for May 19. I only want whats best for Sky, and I feel we have to do everything humanly possible to save his sight. He is so not looking forward to another surgery, I can't blame him! I feel so bad for him, I don't know if another surgery will help, but I told Sky that we would do what Dr. Graff suggests when we see him on the 12th. If Dr. Graff doesn't think surgery will help, I'll cancel the surgery. Just hope I'm being a good mom on this!!!?!?
Summer is doing well in Vegas , and Dave is still the greatest husband ever!!!!
I finally got internet so I will hopefully update more often.


Dawna Greer said...

That's really a tough decision to make regarding Skyler's eye but I think it's wise to talk to Dr Graff again because you have developed a lot of confidence in him over time and that's important. You want to feel that you have done everything you can for him and not live with regrets. However, causing him more pain for nothing if Dr Graff doesn't think the surgery would make any difference wouldn't be good either. We love you all and pray for you. Good luck.

Grandma Turtle said...

You being a wise Mother is not in question, Wendy. We all KNOW you make your decisions with faith and prayer. Is Summer working or schooling or just what, in Vegas?

Livin' it Up said...

Woman, I applaud you!!!! I don't know how you do it honestly. Haha. You are a GREAT mom. Never let your thoughts lead anywhere other than that! You really are a good mom. :)
I cannot believe little autumn is 19!!!!!!! That is just crazy. CRAZY! And I am sorry about the eye stuff....geez! Well keep your head up! :) You are awesome. Love you lady!

bdrain said...

I know some really good eye surgeons down here if you are interested in seeing them. I work with one in my church calling and he is a great guy. If your interested...

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Poor Skyler! I wouldn't want surgery either! I know you will make the right decision and things will work out.
Tell Clay and Hunter to kick some butt for me!!!