Monday, March 8, 2010


I don't think Skyler thinks that this eye problem will ever end:(  He has been such a trooper tho. Last Friday night he came in to our room with his hand over his eye and in so much pain. I text his doctor in Snowflake, but he didn't answer, so I called the Phoenix office trying to get his surgeon. He wasn't on call so they told me that they couldn't do anything anyways because they were in Phoenix. So they told me that they would try to get a hold of the doctor on call in Show Low. Dr. Stewart calls me and tells me that he is in Phoenix, but that he would get a hold of his son, who is also a dr. He calls and wants to see Skyler right away! SO we go to Snowflake at 10:30 at night. Get to the dr's. office and looks at Sky. His eye is pretty irratated and suggests we use more drops and to call him the next day. By the next day, Sky is feeling much better finally!
His dr. in Phoenix called us personally Saturday night and wants him to get the oil bubble out right away. We are going to Mesa on Wednesday to get it out! WOOOOHOOOO- Sky is so excited. Hopefully, he will recover fast from that. He may need contacts in the near future, but thats better than no sight at all!!!
Skyler has had the best doctors, I know he has been watched over through this whole ordeal. We have been so blessed!
I have been going over to my awesome friend, Sandi's house to make homemade wheat bread!! She has a Kitchen Aide mixer, which mixes it so much better than doing it by hand. I love making bread! It makes me feel somewhat like Molly Mormon:) My kids really like it too, so that is great because they may have to eat wheat a lot more! Thank you Sandi for putting up with me all the time, your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunter finished his basketball season, they ended up even on wins and losses. He really improved through the season, which is great and hopefully he will get to play next season! He is such an athelete, and we are very proud of him!


bdrain said...

Hope everthing goes well for Skyler; we will keep him in our prayers.

BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

I love the company! Just don't look at my messy house and all is well!! Skyler get you eye better will ya!!

Kristal said...

Wow, what an ordeal for Skyboy. I'm glad he'll get the bubble out. That should make him alot more comfortable. I'm glad his doctors were attentive to him. That always takes some of the stress out of the situation. Way to go on making bread!! That is one thing that I have a hard time doing. It never turns out. I bet it is the kitchen aid. I have a great bread recipe that a friend gave me. I'll email it to you. Love ya sis.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

That you for the update! I am always in awe of your kids because it seems like they have been through so many trials with their health and they have ALWAYS been troopers! I hope everything will go well with his appointment tomorrow.
Way to go on making bread! You are a lot more brave them I am!
And WAY TO GO Hunter!!
I miss you guys:(