Saturday, June 13, 2009

Other happenings

Autumn had an awesome graduation! It rained that day so they had it in the gym which was nice because we had seats that were to the side of her, so we got to see her the whole time! Boy, did it get hot in there! Thanks to all the family that came and endured the heat. We love you.
The boys finished up their baseball season. Clay's team ended up with a 1-12 season. Hunter ended with a 10-6 season. Just waiting to see if they make all stars.
We received some exciting news this week----SUMMER PASSED HER PHLEBOTOMY CLASS!!!!!
She is so excited, she can't wait to see what job she can get. We are so proud of her!


Kristal and Jason said...

I love the family pictures!! They look awesome! Everyone looks great! I'm so glad Summer got her certificate finally! What a relief. Love ya!

Gayle's Tales said...

Great Pictures of the family... I really like them. Wow the kids are growing so fast.
And Congratulations to Summer!!! That is awesome.
I have a blog now... it is
Then you can see my family too.
Miss you and love ya!!

Shauni said...

Your family pics are cute! That was a good idea to take them at the Rim Trail. I love/miss that place. Tell Summer and Autumn congrats!

By the way, my blog is

Rebecca said...

So glad to finally see the pics. That was fun!