Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not a whole lot has been going on here but I haven't posted since last month. Yes, I am still here, thank goodness! My dad went to the doctors and found out that he has probably had this cancer for quite awhile. The calcium has not gone into the blood stream yet which is really good. They consider him at a level one. Which means they will monitor him for now. We are so grateful for this news.
Dad and Kristal just celebrated their birthdays yesterday. Hope they were good ones for both of them. Love you both tons.
Kids are doing well in school. Hunter brought the stomach flue home, Skyler got it the worst. He probably lost 10 pounds which is not good for him. He doesn't really have any room to lose weight.
Spring break is in a week so Autumn is going to the valley to stay with Dave's cousin Gina. She is so excited. Gina is one crazy girl and we love her!
Summer is just about finished with her Phelbotomy class. She is looking into hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to work. We are very proud of her for finishing this, we know she truely loves it.


Kristal said...

Skyler really doesn't have any weight he can lose! Hope they get better soon! B-day was good. Not having to watch the girls was the best part. Just peace and quiet....I even watched a movie that wasn't animated :) Love you guys!

Dawna Greer said...

We certainly appreciate both you and Dave coming over to Heber and rescuing us in our disaster here with getting the inside of the house painted which meant moving things from room so the painters could get to the walls, etc. I'll sure be glad when everything is done and back to normal. Hopefully Skyler is feeling better.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Isn't life random! Being sick is one of the random things that GETS OLD after a while. Sorry about your sickies. Hopefully Skylar can pack down the protien so he can gain his weight back. Did you get our letter?

Skousen Seven said...

Sorry I didn't text you, but yes we did get the letter. I still wished you hadn't worried about it. Love ya tons

ltandjbcox said...

Wendy just so you know, your no bake cookies were our favorites after the bapatism. That was nice of you guys to provide the refreshements. Thanks. Sorry to hear that your dad is going through the whole cancer thing but thankfully it seems to be caught in an early stage.

Hope your home is through with the flu.. No fun at all.