Monday, November 3, 2008


Just a reminder to everyone to get out and vote. This election is more important than the last few we have had. We have so much at stake. If the "Democraps" win and get Barak Hussein Obama, Pelosi, and Reed, we are going to see some scary times ahead of us. To me Barak Hussein Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He will do and say anything to get elected. Here is a man who won't respect the flag, even took it off his campaign jet. His wife has never been proud to be an American. So if Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all pulling for him, shouldn't that tell us something? Joe Biden has already said that Barak Hussein Obama will face an attack within the first 6 months of office.
We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was broad casted from Salt Lake. It was so awesome to hear the talks, it seems that all of the topics were about not being afraid and be prepared for the difficult times that are to come. I take strength in knowing that my family belongs to the only true church on the earth and that Heavenly Father knows us and loves us. There is to be hard times, but knowing that all things are in an eternal perspective helps me to know that all will not be lost.
Also we as Arizonans have another very important vote to get passed, Prop. 102. This has to pass or we will face what the people back East and California are dealing with. I for one do not want my children having to read and discuss homosexuality in school! My family participated in passing out door hangers in our neighborhood last Saturday. We were able to hang 91 hangers!!! What a neat experience to go out as a family unit and have people come out and say that they will vote yes. Please go to this site if you have any questions on this proposition.
I hope I don't offend too many of you that read this but this is Wendy's opinion and I'm sticking to it!

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