Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Sagas!?!?!?

Well, I guess its been quite awhile since I've last wrote. We have been dealing with some sickness in our family, so I have been concentrating on that. Hunter had been having headaches that lasted 3 days. Took him to the dr. and got a stronger medication than just Excedrin. He ordered a MRI but I am cancelling that because the headaches went away.
My sister Kandra, Kristal and my brother Lance and their families came home over General Conference weekend so that we could see Kandra's new baby, Gavin, get blessed. It was so beautiful in my mom's yard, then we had a nice dinner with Jared's family and some close friends.My mom and dad put the kids and I up at the Bison Ranch. It was so nice to be close to everyone. Thanks mom and dad!!!!!
Dave was supposed to meet us in Heber because he was filling in for some co-workers.(He had to work 10 night shifts in a row)! He called me on Saturday morning thinking he had the flu, so on Sunday he was going to try again, still sick. Monday morning I ended up taking him to the E.R. because he couldn't stop throwing up. We knew exactly what he had, but they couldn't run the test that would prove it. So they sent us home. Next day we were back, this time they admitted him. Wednesday they did a stomach scope. He has HPYLORI, which is an ulcer. He had this about 8 years ago and it is not fun! They released him on Thursday with 6 different medications. He did well on Friday, even attended the Blue Ridge/Show Low game. He felt really well to go to work on Saturday morning. I got a call about 9:30 am from him, he relapsed, so I took him in again. They gave him enough Fenigrin that they sent us home and he slept for 16 hours. He is on a clear liquid diet for now, he will see our regular family doctor tomorrow. He is feeling much better and for those who knew about it and said prayers in his behalf, thank you!
I guess we really can't survive without some stress involved!LOL
School is out for 2 days, hope to survive that also. Hope everyone is doing well.


DeAnne Baum said...

Wow! Your family needs a brake. I hope everyone starts feeling better!

T and L Morris Family said...

Dang girl...I hope you get a little break here soon?! You are always so positive in the mist of it all!! Hang in there:)

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

It was so good to see you guys yesterday and I am glad that Dave was able to make the trek. Thanks for everything you did last weekend. You were a HUGE help! Love ya!!